Friday, June 12, 2009

A Holler on Twitter for #BloggerProm!

tweet tweet . . . what's #FollowFriday?

Hey, H.C. here and wanting to let you peeps know (as if you didn't already) that we of the BloggerProm Committee are not only prolific bloggers, we are some crazy tweeting fools as well! Should you care to find out more #BloggerProm gossip in-between our posts, not to mention all the exciting going-ons we have in our individual lives, check us out at:

Caroline @CarolineonCrack
Esther @estarla
Marni @happygomarni
yours truly @LAOCFoodie
Maya @shopeatsleep
Lindsay @SquashBlossom
Natalie @TheLiquidMuse
Tara @tarametblog

And of course, there are our sponsors who are making some pretty kickin' donations*, from the venue to hold the event, to the alchy and food to keep us happy and full, to plenty of schwag to give out (more details on that in upcoming posts.) So a big THANKS to:

Andaz WeHo (the "Riot Hyatt") @andazweho
Martin Miller's Gin @MillersGin
Pinky Vodka @pinkyvodka
Fresh & Easy @fresh_and_easy
The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa @LanghamPasadena
Threadless @threadless
The Lek @thelek
Lago Santa Monica @LagoSantaMonica
Goldstar @goldstar & @goldstarla
Kiss My Bundt Bakery @kissmybundt
ArcLight Cinemas @ArcLightCinemas
CKE Restaurants @HappyStar & @CarlsJr

Also, to hear every twitterer's hullabaloo about this enchanting event, do a #BloggerProm search. Got your own #FollowFriday twitterers to share? Drop a line in the comments.

All right, over, out and tweeting! Let's make #bloggerprom a top twitter trending topic on July 22!

*P.S. It's not too late to get into the sponsoring game and reach out to many of the top bloggers (and twitterers) in the Greater Los Angeles Area; for more information, feel free to contact me or the others on the BloggerProm committee.

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