Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What To Wear to the Prom

Lots of people have been asking us what they should wear to the Blogger Prom so here it is: Go for cheesy prom attire. Don't worry about being the only one dressed in hot pink with lace tights and huge shoulder pads because you won't be. And I'm not just addressing the ladies.

For some ideas here's what the Blogger Prom Committee is thinking of wearing:

e*starLA: B&W Houndstooth. All over. With black and white feathers in my bouffant. And tick-tack-tackity black fishnets with holes of alternating circumferences, symmatries and shapes. Work.

H.C.: Undecided on whether to do a suit jacket w fancy jeans, vest w slacks and hipstery tie, or a two/three-piece that I will have to diet to fit into (somewhat outgrew the matching slacks).

Marni: I'm going to wear the ugliest dress EVER! Because ugly is the new black? I don't actually have the dress yet, so I'm going to forage through my friends' closets till I come up with something. Or go shopping. Perhaps piece a bunch of outfits together. Doh! I don't know!

Maya: I still have my winter formal dress from high school...it's chartreuse and is poofy! We're going for funny, right?? I better not show up in this thing with everyone else wearing something that's actually, like, fashionable!

Tara: I actually just ordered a poofy, short and ugly dress on eBay that I'm hoping will fit. lol (eBay 80s prom dresses)

Me (Caroline on Crack): I'm hoping by then I can fit into that teal puffy-sleeved prom dress I wore to the Saints & Sinners prom years ago. If not, Forever 21 sure has some cute stuff. That pink dress with leopard or lacey leggings! And e*starLA and I were thinking of getting our makeup done beforehand at MAC. Fun!

BTW, here's a list of suggestions of where you can probably find some great prom wear:
If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!


  1. If you're near Studio City , check out "Someone Else's" on Magnolia. It's where I shop for "theme" outfits.

    Someone Else's
    11024 Magnolia Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601
    (818) 761-6627

  2. Oh man. Some of the Forever 21 stores have this section in the middle called 'twelve by twelve' and...man. It's even wackier in there, I promise.


  3. Can i wear a tiara even though i'm not prom queen?

  4. OH THIS IS AWESOME. My junior prom dress from 19XX looks just like the one in the badge. Move over, bitches!

  5. OMG... the MAC makeup idea... Oh yeah... HAVE to.

  6. The flickr 80s prom photo pool is a good resource.

    I seriously love this photo so much it hurts:


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