Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heather Kincaid, The Official 2010 Blogger Prom Professional Photographer!

Heather Kincaid blowing bubbles at YOU!

Blogger Prom has its very own photographer! Yeah, yeah, you guys are bloggers and probably carry your cameras with you everywhere. And yes, you should bring those cameras to Blogger Prom, too. But this is different. We have an OFFICIAL photographer who will be on hand to take your portrait since you dressed up all special for the night! She’s bringing a photobooth! And her gorgeous high-res photos will be available for purchase after the event and she will also make free versions available. We are SOOO excited!!!

Heather Kincaid is an incredibly talented photographer based in Los Angeles who does shoots all over Southern California. Take a look at her website. It’s not your average business website, it’s a very personal, intimate blog of her adventures photographing interesting people. She lets you inside her world. For example, she shoots a wedding, and then gives teasers of photos to come, or posts her favorites from the event. Plus she adds colorful commentary and kind wishes. And these photos! They are wonderful, moving photos that really capture the moment. Creative, clever compositions in color or black and white.

If her photography skills weren’t already enough, Heather is a warm, fun-loving person. So in every way, Heather will be a fantastic addition to the 2010 Blogger Prom. We are SO thrilled that Heather will be at Blogger Prom to document the evening for us!


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