Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prom Dress Code: Hollywood Glamour

Blogger Prom 2010 is going to be worlds different from last year's event, not just in venue but theme, execution and dress code. Instead of hot pink ‘80s kitsch, we’re going for silver screen sophistication with a more winter formal-type affair: Hollywood Confidential. And historic landmark, Yamashiro, is the perfect backdrop for it. Keep in mind that just because you paid and are on the list you will not be allowed entry if you don’t adhere to the dress code. We’re giving you fair warning here. Everyone else will have made the effort to dress up, why shouldn’t you?

Ladies, it's your time to shine. Emulate your favorite Old Hollywood fashion icon -- Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly. Vintage dresses and retro prom gowns. Hats with feathers, faux fur boas, (faux) diamonds, strings of pearls. There will be lots of cameras, bloggers and some pro photographers, so you’re going to want to look drop-dead gorgeous, right?

If you are worried about how to do your makeup and hair for the big night, refer to our “How to Get That Hollywood Confidential Look” post with tips from our official salon Studio DNA, who will be glamming up the prom committee the day of the event! Those who don’t want to worry about their own hair and makeup either can book an appointment with the salon’s Beverly Boulevard location which is the closest to the prom venue.

Guys, you have it easy. Fedoras, suits, wingtips, all to emulate Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra. Hepcat cool, sophisticated.

And if you still aren’t sure what we mean by Hollywood Confidential attire here’s what the prom committee is wearing, just to give you some ideas:

Caroline, Caroline on Crack
: I have this black vintage dress, the one I’m wearing in my Hurrell Hollywood shot. It has a lace bodice with chiffon skirt. I’ll round out my look with opera gloves and a fur boa. Now I just need to find the perfect pair of dressy heels to go with it.

Esther, EstarLA
: I'm wearing a dark blue 40's vintage taffeta dress (just past knee-length) with a small crinoline and white gloves. I'd like to put Veronica Lake-ish waves in my super long hair. Or maybe put it up! I'm contemplating hair accessories, right now... Not sure how I want to do that one.

HC, LA/OC Foodventures
: Refer to my committee photo . . . maybe with a little extra pizazz.

Lindsay, LAist: I'm shopping first out of my closet, and going with a black silk dress I scored on a while back that is not quite the "little black dress" but works perfectly with our Hollywood glamour vibe thanks to its classic cut and length. I've been scouring some of the great vintage shops on Magnolia in Burbank looking for some great accessories. I wouldn't be surprised if I wound up wearing a flower in my hair...does anyone make Squash Blossom hair clips?

Marni, Happy Go Marni: I'll be wearing a long black gown that's beaded at the top. I'm currently scrounging for my great grandmother's period piece hat. Fingers crossed I find that! And assorted accessories that take me over the edge and into another era!

Maya, ShopEatSleep
: I'm either going to wear the blue dress and brown T-strap shoes I wore in my engagement photos, which have a 30s vibe, or a gray dress that's more fitted with black oxford-type heels. I'm going to try to find nylons with seams, too. I think with the right hair and makeup, either outfit will work. Still looking for gloves, though!

Tara, Tara Met Blog
: I'm wearing a long purple silk gown with a low cut back, it's very femme fatale, in fact, La Femme designed it! I'm also adding a brown faux fur shawl for photos and I have some of my great grandmother's jewelry that I'll be donning for some authentic era bling.

Here are some suggestions for where to shop for appropriately glam prom attire:If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!


  1. I did a huge dress roundup on my blog today, lots of online retailers and ideas for dresses!


  2. What color prom dress would suit someone with orangey-red hair with pale rosy skin and brown eyes?
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