Monday, September 20, 2010

Open Nomination Time For This Year's Leading Man & Lady

Of course, a prom isn't complete without a coronation ceremony, and this year our reigning King and Queen Bloggers (Zach Behrens of LAist and Nadine Jolie) will be passing on their crown and tiara to a glamorous new blogging "it" couple.

And this year, you get to decide who makes the final cut of this prom by Tweeting which two bloggers you want on the "call back list" with #bloggerpromking and #bloggerpromqueen hashtags (or for the very few of you without Twitter accounts, by commenting on this post!)

We'll be tallying up the counts for four blogging fellows and four blogging dames to partake in the final audition, where Blogger Prom attendees can vote to see who gets to be "leading man" and "leading lady" of the night! Here's the list of the RSVP'd guests who've already donated via Goldstar so far*:

For the role of "Leading Man"
@twohungrypandas (he)

For the role of "Leading Lady"
@twohungrypandas (she)

Check out their Twitters (as well as that of our soon outgoing King Zach & Queen Nadine) and nominate away using #bloggerpromking and #bloggerpromqueen!

*Are you a plus-one who also blog? If so, sorry we missed your Twitter handle on this list--feel free to throw your name in the pot too via comments & Twitter.


  1. Can I vote even if I can't attend? ;-)

    King @diglounge and Queen @mintcool please!

  2. Of course you can! Actually those without Twitter can cast their votes on this blog post.

  3. Chicks with Knives donated, too. And we vote for @savoryhunter. :-)

  4. @Rachael This is a list of our blogging invitees... we're naming Blogger Queen & Blogger King.

  5. King @sippitysup
    Queen @stylesmith

  6. I vote for @brokeassbride and @freshhubby - they are SO the prom king and queen!

  7. I agree with Hector! @Brokeassbride and @freshhubby. They are both fresh to def!

  8. @brokeassbride and @freshhubby get my vote for prom queen and king!!

  9. @jozjozjoz for sure...she's the queen bee!

    sorry @theminty joz got to me first!

  10. I vote for @jozjozjoz and @djjewelz !!!!