Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Blogger Prom Yearbook Says...

Looking back at old yearbooks, it's fascinating to see who was chosen “Most likely to succeed,” “Class Clown” or “Prom King & Queen." But now we, the Blogger Prom Committee, have editorial control of the superlatives that describe us this time around.

OK, actually, most of us had opened it up to our Facebook and Twitter friends for ideas on which superlatives best suited us, and here are the final decisions. Drum roll please...

Most Likely To Be Banned From a Bar - Caroline

Most Likely To Have a Freezer Full of Baked Goods and Nothing Else- Marni

Most Likely To Have an Asterisk in Her Name - Esther a.k.a. e*starLA

Least Likely To Root for the Red Sox - Tara, who was formerly voted "Class Preppy" and "Best Smile" back in her yearbook days.

Most likely To Bring a Red Pen for Grading Something at Blogger Prom - Lindsay

Most Likely To Show Up to Dinner With Dog Hair on Her Clothes- Maya

Most likely To Drink on the Job- Natalie (only because drinking IS her job...)

Most Likely To Be the Token Male - H.C., given my inclinations for afternoon teas, brunches, desserts and the like . . . real men can, and should, handle Irish Breakfast and souffles

Most Likely To Close the Blogger Prom Bar - YOU?! We'll have to see come July 22nd.

What superlative would you like to have describe you now-a-days post school and post floppy disks?


  1. I think I have to open mine up to my facebook friends too - although I think that I might be "most likely to disappear in the middle of the school year" due to my travelin' nature.

  2. =) sounds like it's gonna be a fun event.