Friday, July 17, 2009

No Cheesy, No Entry: Strict Dress Code Will Be Enforced

Now we can't express how much we want you blogger prom attendees to take this "prom" theme seriously. We want you to go all out with your outfit. We want you to bedazzle, we want you to accessorize, we want you to shock and awe. We want you to wear something that you would never wear anywhere else. If you don't show up en costume, sorry, but you're not getting in.

That's right, we're going to be hard asses and say that just because you're on the rsvp list doesn't guarantee you entry. If you're not dressed up in cheesy prom attire (not necessarily '80s, cheesiness of any era will do), we're not letting you in. And we can enforce it, too. Check-in for the prom will be in the Andaz lobby. Once you get past us, you will be allowed in the elevator and taken to the penthouse where the ballroom and event are.

There will be a bouncer and two blogger prom committee members who take this event seriously and who will check people off. And no amount of begging, bribing or bullying is going to get you in if you're a plain Joe or Jane.

Everyone else will have made an effort so why shouldn't you? Once you're in, you'll get to partake of all the cocktails, wine, beer and Andaz's fabulous food. There will be professional photographer, Claire Barrett, to capture your promness. You may even get a chance to win one of the many fab raffle prizes and who can forget your guaranteed bag o' goodies? Dressing up is a teeny-tiny entrance fee to pay.

And we want our guests to not be afraid of rocking the cheese, be it hoop skirts, powder blue tuxes, mullets, acid wash jeans, neon tutus, Gunne Sax bridesmaid gowns, etc. So if you were worried, "I don't want to be the only one wearing Prince's purple velvet suit!" Don't be. You are not alone and we'll make sure of that.

If you haven't gotten your outfit yet, check this post for some ideas on where to shop. There's still time to shop this weekend!


  1. now I'm a little concerned that our outfits, while funky, retro and I think cool, will not pass muster with you folks.

    Might have to pull out (put together) our secret weapon to get in...

  2. This is THE best movie prom scene of all time....or maybe the prize would go to 16 Candles, but 80's flashback much appreciated. Can't wait for Blogger Prom!

  3. I'm concerned, too! I think mine is fine, but powder blue tuxes aren't that easy (or cheap) to find...hrm hrm hrm.