Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Your Prom Floral Stylist: Jonathan Fong

So for this prom we stayed away from streamers, hanging banners and "Fish Under the Sea" themes opting for a classier route because, really, the prom attendees' costumes will basically steal the show anyway, right? In any case we were sooo lucky to land design/lifestyle expert, master of the glue gun and author of Walls that Wow, Flowers that Wow and Parties that Wow, Jonathan Fong, to do the floral decorations for our lil ol' prom. Wow, indeed. Jonathan has also been profiled in the likes of Life, Angeleno and Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine to name but a few, and has been featured on Fox News and "Good Day L.A."

I had met Jonathan at an underground dinner (he had created the beautiful table centerpieces there) and I mentioned the prom to him and instantly I saw the sparkle in his eyes. He was excited to be a part of such an unusual event. "I'm trying to decide between something fun or something elegant. Is there anything on my Web site that you liked?" he asked. "How about something fun with '80s colors (pastels or neons)? Everyone will be dressed in ridiculous prom attire if that gives you any ideas," I replied.

Next thing I know, Jonathan writes me saying that he's spraypainting boomboxes! Radical. Be sure to admire the wonderful creativity of his floral decorations at prom and check out his Wow books! -- Caroline on Crack


  1. I can't wait to see the floral arrangements tonight! Jonathan's work is amazing!

  2. omg these look amazing! Jonathon's brilliant! he's been doing the floral design at my decadent underground dinners and they're always insanely creative! have fun tonight it's sounds like its going to be a blast. amy from