Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Verizon Wireless Computer Lab

Blogger Prom is so awesome, we are getting our own cloud! No, not the smelly kind that wafted out when you opened the high school bathroom door or these ugly June Gloom ones up in the sky. We’re talking about an internet cloud!

Verizon Wireless is decking up the Andaz roof for prom with several MiFi devices and HP Mini netbooks, so we can blog live, web tweet, upload photos, all that geeky stuff. If you haven’t played with it yet, the MiFi is the size of a thick credit card and delivers a personal Wi-Fi cloud for up to five users in a small area (Engadget article here) at one time. Plus, it’s a secure connection for anyone whose blogging may get a bit rough after several of Natali's cocktails.

So, bring your own PDA, iTouch, whatever or borrow one of the netbooks that will be set up in our mock school computer lab, either way, you’ll be wired at the prom! Be careful of drinking and blogging though, opps too late.

On the rooftop of The Andaz West Hollywood Hotel, Verizon Wireless engineer Peter Kheang tests the company's EVDO network, which will provide poolside internet access during Blogger Prom.


  1. Wow, the rooftop looks awesome, nevermind when 200 kick ass bloggers are up there! Can't wait

  2. I can go back to my high school computer lab? SWEET!
    Wait, didn't have computers when I was in high school. Only college had that. :D WHEE!!!