Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who's Who at Blogger Prom

As this is a bloggers-only event, only bloggers are attending. So we thought it would be cool to show just who is going to be part of this oh-so-special liquor-infused prom. These are just some of the many cool peeps. If you're not listed below, please add your info in the comments and we'll update the post.

FYI, this isn't the master check-in list outside of the blogger prom committee. That's going to be printed off Pingg so, and this is very important, please make sure to add your full name and that of your guest's to the Pingg rsvp (this won't be publicized).

However, this following list, my dears, is just for fun. -- Caroline on Crack

Abby, Pleasure Palate
Adri, Once there was a girl
AJ, Confessions of a Fat Girl
Alexia, LA Weekly
Alf, Take a Swig of Alf
Andy, Netzoo and LAist
Bren, Hello Pretty
Brooke, Food Woolf
Carina, Uncouth Gourmands
Cathy, gas*tron*o*my
Cbeanshop, All the Days of My Life
Charity, Intellichick
Chris, Neverlost
Christine, Hot Pink Manolos
Citizen Robot
Connie, Hey Hey Scenesters
Daily Gluttony /Rantsandcraves
Dana, Variety's The Knife
Danit & Paul, LA Decostified
Danny, Kung Food Panda
David, and
Diana Takes a Bite
Eddy & Divina, Dancing Hotdogs
Elina, LA Times Daily Dish blog
Elise, Here, Eat This
Elizabeth, Traded My BMW for a Minivan
Elliott, LAist
Emilia, Natally Wounded
Emily, LAist
Ericka, Seven Vices
Erin, LA Weekly
Fightin' Mad Mary
Film Femme
Javier, Teenage Glutster
Jaydi, Fun With J D
Jennio, I Just Lost My Stain of Thought
Jessica, LA Times Daily Dish blog
Jin Yoo-Kim, Where the Lines Blur
Joshua, Food GPS
Julia, Julia's Mexico City and
Kaelin Burns, Hungry? City Blog
Kate, Savour Fare
Kat O'Dell, Eater LA
Katy, LA Blogger Gal
Kevin Eats
Kim Tracy Prince, House of Prince
LA Pretty

Lauren Messiah, Ask Fashion Kitty and ThisNext
Lisa Borodkin,
Liz, Everyday Goddess
Lucinda Michele,
Matt, DigLounge
Matt, Rumdood
Michael, Mayor Sam
Michael JB, South Bay Foodies
Michelle Woo,
Mike & Maria, Franklin Avenue
Moye Ishimoto,'s The Feed
Nadine, Jolie Nadine
Nancy, Nanciful
Neil, Food Marathon
Nina aka SlackMistress, The Slack Daily
Noelle, Drink 'n' Dive
Pat Saperstein, Eating LA
Peggy, Totally Unauthorized
Potential Gold
Rachel, Live on Sunset blog
Recording LA
Robert Dean, Lorange blog
Ryan, Only Eat What Feeds Your Soul
Sandra, Debutante Clothing
Sarah Gim, TheDelicious Life and Tastespotting
Shelley, Faux LA Hipster
Siel, Green LA Girl
Susan, Reservation for Three
Travis Koplow,
Veronique de Turenne, Here in Malibu
Wandering Chopsticks
Wesley and Evelina, Two Hungry Pandas
Will BetheBoy,
Zach Behrens, LAist
Zack, Lost Angeles


  1. I need a complete list of these people's twitters, as I am way too lazy to go every single page and hunt for it. Also, I am excited to meet EVERYONE.

  2. I'm lazy, too! So that's why blogger attendees should add their Twitter to the comments. Ha!

  3. Will is @betheboy and I'm @slackmistress on Twitter. We're easy that way.

    But not EASYeasy. You know what I mean.

    Oh, balls.

  4. Hi! Not to be a pain, but I dont want it to be a problem at check in! My name is ChristinA from Hot Pink Manolo...not ChristinE.

    My twitter is @cyamasaki if anyone's interested! :)

    And my plus one's twitter is @letmeeatcake. Her name is Nastassia!

    I'm so excited to meet you all in person :) YAY!

  5. Can't wait for the prom. Can't think of what I'm going to wear, but I'll work something out.


  6. Why must L.A. be such a long walk from Iowa??? You folks have the time of your life, and the rest of us will try to live vicariously through Twitter, eh? :)

  7. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag

  8. Nancy from
    Twitter: @therealnanciful

    +1 Edward from
    Twitter: @wadolabs

  9. TPG from and

    Twitter thislalife

  10. I'm @GillianIsGreat Cause, you know, I am kind of great.

  11. I'm at and my date is

    Also, she blogs at

  12. I'm @Kulia and also @safetygraphics as my other blog is

    Are we going to have huge nametags?

  13. I'm @redwell.

    Wow, Andy was seriously not kidding about the harda$$ dress code!

  14. oh look! it's my name!

    i can't wait for tomorrow night :)

  15. Brainylagirl ( is @xina on Twitter.

  16. I'm @tallnoe.
    And I'm tall, yes, it's true. My blog isn't about drinking n DRIVING, but scuba DIVING.

    Just wanted to clarify before someone called me a bad influence on today's youth.

    Very excited about Wednesday, even with a split and scrapes. Oi.

  17. Ugh! I wish I had known about this - so much for thinking I was part of the in crowd! Oh, well, I'd love to be added to the list for future events, i.e. Homecoming.
    Also, @lorimac

  18. Same here Lori. Sounds fun and I was just vintage shopping this weekend! Oh well. I'm game for homecoming too :)

  19. Hey! Where'd my comment go?!

    JozJozJoz of

    My date is the winner of the "Win A Date with Joz to the Blogger Prom" contest:
    Burns! of

  20. Ericka, aka Vice Girl, is, fittingly enough, @vicegirl. I'm bringing @lessthan3isme of Ad Adventurum ( as my smoking hot date.

  21. The Militant may or may not be there!

    My +1 is Andrea