Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prom Parking, Pretty Please?

HAY GUYZ, there's a spot!

Being Angelenos of some experience ourselves, the committee's got your back when it comes to finding parking for the bloggerprom at the Sunset Strip. Thanks to our partnership with the Andaz (which also hooked us up with some nice room deals too), they are offering $7 valet, w validation, for bloggerprom attendees! Pretty sweet, considering their regular rate is up to $26 and one can easily use up just as much in gas and rates looking for spaces on the street or at other lots on the Strip.

However, discounted spots at the Andaz are limited (100) so do carpool with your +1 if possible. Or better yet, do it in the true cool prom fashion and squeeze in as many peeps as legally possible in those hot rides! Just like those days when everyone didn't have a car and a license.

We look forward to seeing you there minus the blood, sweat 'n tears of space-stalking.
~H.C. (photo courtesy of Caroline)


  1. Do you know what applies for peeps who are staying there, so they don't drive?
    Thought I'd check.

  2. Sadly there's no special rate if you stay overnight.

  3. Had to ask!
    Thanks for lettin' me know. The room rate and cert to RH is pretty killer, so I'll suck it up. ;)