Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, goody - everyone wins with bloggerprom goodie bags!

We've blogged about what to wear and the music that will be playing, but let's talk about the real fun stuff, the free goodies! Besides the free booze, cocktails and eats from the sponsors featured on our left side bar and giveaway items to be raffled off at the party, everyone at Blogger Prom will be going home with their very own gift bag.

In fact, everyone will get a reusable canvas gift bag from Fresh & Easy (on right), which we are filling with the following goodies:

Hungry Card Decks Los Angeles 2009: $10 off select restaurants. 52 ways to try something new.

Free margarita and free mojito cards from Border Grill in Santa Monica

A Free Taco card for the new Border Grill Truck.

A box of Extinguisher Candy a bold flavored candy that puts you in control of an intense sour experience! Eat the tangy, sour and super sour candies, followed by the blue Berry Sweet Relief candy to “put out” the sour – then start all over again!

Sleep Pretty in Pink (not to be confused with the Molly Ringwald flilm) and Hearos earplugs from DAP World. Perfect for blocking out a snoring partner, harping boss or for your next concert.

Wet personal lubricant products. Yup, everyone Wang Chung tonight! ;)

Mini sized Martin Millers Gin and Pinky Vodka

Bear Naked & Kashi items - to get your morning started right the day after!

Coupon for a free Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger

Hair Polish & Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier from David Babaii for Wildaid. Each retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply, Rite Aid or on their website.

Coupon good for a freshly baked English muffin from La Grande Orange (Santa Monica & Pasadena location)

A 120z glass bottle of the new Pepsi Natural, a premium cola made with all-natural ingredients, including natural sugar, natural caramel, kola nut extract, natural apple extract, and lightly sparking water.

A four-piece gift box from Charles Chocolates, including one tea ganache, one pecan fleur de sel caramel, one peanut butterfly and one heart ganache.

$10 off certificates for Layers Cupcakes

30% off discount coupons for Live! on Sunset.

10 ½ oz. packages of Sun Chips where the bags are made with 33% renewable materials. The really exciting news is that in 2010 though, Sun Chips plans to introduce the first fully 100% compostable chip bag. Check out this video about it, pretty cool.

Free passes for two at the Comedy Store

Silk scarf from Rosangel Tequila

Warner Bros' DVDs The Big Bang Theory! or Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles or Pushing Daises.

'Born To Blog' t-shirts from The Gap #GapBornToFit

Free Pinkberry Fruit Parfait coupon

And who knows there might be some more last minute suprises too!


  1. My god, what a gift bag! I'll be eating all the way home! Can't wait to rock my cheesy 80's outfit and meet all of you!

  2. this is so exciting! i heart free merch.

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